Virtual Assistant
Done-for-you Service
Get a Superstar Virtual Assistant
from the Philippines
Our Goal Is To Give You The Best Support For Your Business By Offering a DONE-FOR-YOU Virtual Assistant Program
Only 1 in around 200 candidates
Passes our screening process! We find you the absolute best Virtual Assistants available from the Philippines
Freedom Geek System Support 
Advice and hands-on assistance with systems that help you effectively manage and pay your Virtual Assistant
‘Pulse checks’ during first 4 weeks
Of working together. We will assist you with any help you may need with your new VA
6-Month Service Guarantee
If you’re not happy with your chosen Virtual Assistant for any reason we will replace them at no additional cost
Expert Interviewing Secrets
To help you with interviewing your carefully selected Virtual Assistant candidates
Delegation Essentials 
100 tasks you can Delegate to your Virtual Assistant

Delegation Tips and Tricks
How to give clear instructions and get the result you want! (It sounds easy –
but it’s also easy to mess up!)
Future-proof  Productivity
How to Futureproof a Successful long-term working Relationship with your Virtual Assistant
Exclusive VIP Support Group
Private FB Group for ongoing support 

How to find the BEST Virtual Assistants from the Philippines
(even if you’ve failed before)
Essential Delegation –
what, when, why and how
How to KEEP your talented VA superstar; and love working with them!
(Plus: whatever)
If you want to grow your business, you must leverage other people's time, knowledge and skills.
Delegation in business isn't a 'nice to have' - it's a necessity

We help Entrepreneurs find and work with extraordinary talent from the Phillipines.

This is often the first step to building a reliable support team and letting go of some of the many 'low value' business tasks you are doing today which are blocking your business acceleration and success. 
We are here to help you all throughout the process...
Imogen Cook + The Freedom Geek Team
Connection Connosieur
Problem Solverologist
Director of First Impressions
Reel Talent
What our existing clients are saying...

Christian Rodwell

Entrepreneur, Founder of Escape The Rat Race

"...So it's been over 6 months now that I've been working with my assistant and it's just been superb, it's been so amazing on so many different levels...To have an extra 20 hours or so each week where I can now focus on other tasks, things that only I can do in the business like actually having meetings and presenting and creating new products.

We are not Superman, so we can only do so much ourselves and so by bringing us an assistant we then are doubling our time available for the business..."

Luke Spikes

Property Investor, Chairman of Higgihaus Company Ltd.

"...I am now an absolute fan of Filipino Virtual Assistants because their language is outstanding. Their written English is superb. They are often creative. They solve problems.

They are as good if not better than any employee I have ever had at any one of the corporate businesses I've ever worked in. And so in that sense, what makes me happy is the fact that I've actually got someone on the end of the line of the internet working for and with me who is capable, competent and making sure that I get absolutely the most out of my time..."

Ian Luckett

Personal Development & Business Coach, Owner of Innovate to Success

"...I wish I'd done this years ago to be quite honest with you. It was an incredible transformation… I was sitting on a sunbed on holiday typing away on the phone telling Imogen what I wanted and what task I needed to do and how I needed it working. 

By the time I've come back from holiday, I've got four zip files on my email, we've got CV,s computer specs, internet specs, and all the whole, I mean probably more than I'd had if I've interviewed somebody in the U.K. that was kind of just effortless onboarding process..."

John Stokoe

Property Investor, Owner of Source My Property

"...So it's all that heavy admin stuff that takes a lot of time that we are better off... One of the main reason I've stuck with you and why I've referred you guys on to other trusted clients and colleagues of mine is the process that you go through... So I had a specific needs that I had... and what you guys did as the Freedom Geek is you went out to market and you outsourced individuals and you filtered through them and that's pretty much what I was looking for from a company.

I just don't want to pick a VA. I wanted the company that I was working with to do half of that work for me..."

Helena Holrick

Personal Development & Business Coach, Founder of Helping You Shine

"I'm in the UK, Mel's in the Philippines. and having someone who is actually up before me is really cool and makes my business run efficiently. She is working on projects whilst I am asleep, and communicates what's needed from me so that when I wake up and look at the list, I am able to go straight into action. We are a team and I would not be without her because my business is so much more effective as a result."
Limited Placements will be available!
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