Our brilliant team will work tirelessly with you to help find your own highly skilled Virtual Assistant or build your ultimate remote Dream Team!
Our brilliant team will work tirelessly with you to help find your own highly skilled Virtual Assistant or build your ultimate remote Dream Team!
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What our existing clients are saying...

Christian Rodwell

Entrepreneur, Founder of Escape The Rat Race

"...The interview process that Imogen and your team have created is very very detailed. It's very thorough and it always seems to find the best people.

So, a pleasant surprise was the fact that those jobs which I didn't like doing now are jobs that Ella is good at and so we complement each other really well..."

Luke Spikes

Property Investor, Chairman of Higgihaus Company Ltd.

"...I'm so impressed, not just with Nida but I would hope that's very obvious, but also the whole Freedom Geek team. It's now my intent, as my business scales to effectively outsource as much of my operations to a virtual Filipino team as I possible can.

I am now an absolute fan of Filipino Virtual Assistants because their language is outstanding. Their written English is superb. They are often creative. They solve problems..."

Ian Luckett

Personal Development & Business Coach, Owner of Innovate to Success

"...My VA understands what I want. She knows kind of how that works and as the workload goes on and as the workload moves forward I want her to also manage other VAs to help the business whether it be social media, whether it be in you know in websites or in the emails, email traffic or anything like that.

By the time I've come back from holiday, I've got four zip files on my email, we've got CV,s computer specs, internet specs, and all the whole, I mean probably more than I'd had if I've interviewed somebody in the U.K. that was kind of just effortless onboarding process..."

John Stokoe

Property Investor, Owner of Source My Property

 "...I just don't want to pick a VA. I wanted the company that I was working with to do half of that work for me.

and what you guys did as the Freedom Geek is you went out to market and you outsourced individuals and you filtered through them and that's pretty much what I was looking for from a company..."

Helena Holrick

Personal Development & Business Coach, Founder of Helping You Shine

"I'm in the UK, Mel's in the Philippines. and having someone who is actually up before me is really cool and makes my business run efficiently. She is working on projects whilst I am asleep, and communicates what's needed from me so that when I wake up and look at the list, I am able to go straight into action. We are a team and I would not be without her because my business is so much more effective as a result."
Imogen Cook + The Freedom Geek Team
We are The Freedom Geek! We help Entrepreneurs accelerate their business success through leveraging high-quality yet very affordable Virtual Assistants from the Philippines.
We’re advocates of remote working so The Freedom Geek is registered in London, our customers are worldwide (predominantly English-speaking business owners in the USA, Canada, Europe and Australia), our support team is based in the Philippines (we live and breathe Filipino outsourcing in our own business culture!) and Imogen (Founder) wanders around the world.

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